14 Gorgeous “Secluded” Beaches in Bali, only local’s know about. (Insider’s Pick)

Bali has dependably been a most loved destination of nature lovers and the individuals who need to appreciate a romantic getaway. This is the reason it’s not surprising for Bali to be stuffed with visitors lasting through the year. Aside from popular tourist destinations Bali is known for, there are a few places that remain apparently untainted, concealed and avoided the general population, making them all the more energising to visit. Here are the 14 isolated shorelines in Bali, certainly worth going by.


1. Balangan Beach


Balangan Beach | Bali

Balangan is a favorite hangout for surfers and is located on Bali’s Bukit Peninsula, not far from the world-famous break at Uluwatu.

It’s possible to spend the night at Balangan, either at one of the guesthouses on the bluff or at one of the beach shacks right on the beach. White sun umbrellas line the stretch of sand at the base of the cliffs and is the perfect place to soak up the sun while the surfers amongst you catch some waves out front.


2. Green Bowl


Green Bowl | Bali

Green Bowl Beach may not be that mainstream among sightseers, but rather it merits going to when you are in Bali. The name Green Bowl is gotten from the state of the shoreline and the rich green condition. On the off chance that you are looking for a shoreline in Bali where you can spend some tranquil and quality holding time with family, Green Bowl is an extraordinary occasion alternative. The shoreline is arranged in a segregated place, available just by strolling. The vast majority think that its hard to visit Green Bowl. To reach there, you have to stroll on a ridge to advance toward the shoreline, however a few people who have been to the shoreline asserted that it is as yet worth to drop by. Green Bowl is situated around 10 km far from Kuta. There are not the same number of settlement choices as the other shoreline zones, and this is for the most part because of its fairly disconnected area. In this manner, it is prescribed to book your convenience well ahead of time to maintain a strategic distance from the very late bother.


3. Amed


Amed | Bali

Arranged in the north-east of Amlapura, Amed is generally less known among standard sightseers. Arriving is simple – you can either employ a taxi or stick to open transportation to bring you there. Contingent upon the movement conditions and climate, it might take you exactly 45 minutes to achieve Amed. For some explorers, Amed is not the standard shoreline one envisions. It is really a gathering of towns situated close to the drift. Settlement is never an issue at Amed as there are various spots to browse. You can appreciate the tasty fish and neighborhood dishes particularly served in most Bali shorelines.


4. Balian Beach


Balian Beach | Bali

Balian Beach is arranged close to the Balian River and is renowned among the surfers from various parts of the world. The shoreline is perfect for a long charming stroll with your friends and family on the off chance that surfing is not that speaking to you.Depending on activity, you can reach Balian Beach from Kuta in around two hours. You can without much of a stretch reach Balian Beach both by taxicab, and open transport. You have two agreeable alternatives – a languid stroll on the shoreline or tasting espresso at one of the various bistros on a shoreline.


5. Pasir Putih Beach


Pasir Putih Beach | Bali

Is it accurate to say that you are captivated by mountains and ocean side perspectives? Pasir Putih is unquestionably an absolute necessity visit goal when you are in Bali. The shoreline offers an astounding perspective and in the meantime, you can’t get drained plunging, swimming, and kayaking at the shoreline. A sight of the beautiful fishes and coral reefs is sufficient to make you need to return. The shoreline has present day pleasantries to ensure that travelers have what they require at any given time.To reach Pasir Putih Beach, you may select to take open transportation. A transport from Bungurasih will take you to Banyuwangi. You can appreciate a lovely adventure and not feel exhausted while going to the shoreline.


6. Yeh Leh Beach


Yeh Leh Beach | Bali

This shoreline stays undeveloped as a traveler spot in Bali. One reason is its area that is quite recently too a long way from the air terminal. The way that very few individuals visit this shoreline has made it one of a kind and quiet. The eastern piece of the shoreline is abounding with coral rocks while the eastern piece of the shoreline has dark sand. These regular components add to the hypnotizing appeal of the shoreline. You can likewise go angling or you can simply spend a lethargic night, stargazing on the shoreline. The shoreline is arranged close to the Denpasar-Gilimanuk thruway, and it is anything but difficult to reach either by neighborhood transport or by a taxi.


7. Geger Beach


Geger Beach | Bali

Situated on the eastern side of the Bukit Peninsula, Geger Beach is considered as one of the best among the shrouded shorelines of Bali. Not at all like Yeh Leh Beach and Pasir Putih Beach, both of which have dark sand, Geger Beach brags of having white sand. Moreover, the quiet condition makes it perfect and ideal for couples on their vacation. The shoreline is totally furnished with present day enhancements and is effectively open from Kuta and Nikko Bali.Geger has eateries, inns, and markets that will help make your stay lovely and agreeable.


8. Gunung Payung


Gunung Payung | Bali

Situated at Nusa Dua, Gunung Payung is an impressive shoreline where you can appreciate swimming, angling or simply unwinding on the shoreline. To get to the shoreline, it requires some exertion – you have to climb 300 stages. After achieving the last stride up, you will wonder about the excellent landscape that anticipates you.


9. Suluban Beach (Blue Point)


Suluban Beach | Bali

Suluban Beach offers one of the best ocean sees in Bali. The considerable ocean view is supplemented by natural air making it an appreciated rest from the contaminated urban areas and urban zones. Its all around protected condition and astounding perspectives are what makes Suluban Beach emerge from alternate shorelines in Bali. The Suluban Beach is arranged in Pecatu Village, South Kuta sub-area. Surfers will moreover appreciate the shoreline that has some extraordinary surfing spots.


10. Pandawa Beach


Pandawa Beach | Bali

A hour drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport, you’ll achieve the astounding Pandawa Beach. Here, you can appreciate swimming and surfing at the shoreline. As the shoreline is close to the air terminal, get to is not an issue at all.The just drawback – there are no inns or cabins close to the shoreline. Subsequently, it is prompted that you remain in the adjacent inns so you can undoubtedly and advantageously go to the shoreline at whatever point you need.


11. Dream Land Beach


Dreamland Beach | Bali

One might get put off by the developments at Pecatu Indah, but Dreamland remains a beach worth visiting. With turquoise waters and a white sand beach, you can only imagine what Dreamland was like before all the expansions. Also a popular surf break, Dreamland is accessed via a winding road that leads down from the huge Pecatu Indah gate.


12. Karma Beach


Karma Beach | Bali

This private beach is part of Karma Kendara resort, located in Ungasan on the Bukit Peninsula, and is also known as Nammos Beach – the name of the private beach club of the same resort. Access down to the beach is via a funicular, with views of the white sand beach and azure waters.

Nammo’s Beach Club charges an entrance fee which you can then use against the price of food and drinks, mainly of a Mediterranean style. It may seem a little pricey, but spending a day on a private beach without the hassle of hawkers bothering you every five minutes is worth it. Being waited on hand and foot doesn’t hurt either!


13. Dream Beach


Dream Beach | Bali

Although not on Bali itself, Dream Beach on nearby Nusa Lembongan had to be included amongst the Top 10 Hidden Beaches list. The small island of Nusa Lembongan is a 30-minute speedboat ride from Sanur or Benoa Harbor and offers no cars, world-class sunsets and secret, secluded beaches.

Dream Beach is located on the southern shores of Lembongan, with fine white sand behind a row of palms and thorny shrubs. There’s also simple beach-style accommodation, as well as a cafe serving local food.


14. Finn’s Beach


Finn's Beach Club - Bali

Another little cut of heaven is the private shoreline situated underneath the Semara Luxury Villa Resort in Ungasan.

The best part is getting to this shoreline, by means of a two-minute funicular ride between two precipice dividers. An expense of Rp.250,000 per individual is charged for outside visitors which is later deducted from the sustenance and beverages charge (a reason to enjoy the delightful menu made in a semi-open kitchen).

Finn’s Beach is family benevolent and is the ideal approach to appreciate the sun and the ocean. To get to the shoreline, bring the street down Jalan Pantai Selatan Gau in Ungasan and take after the Finns signs.



Indonesia is an enormous nation. It’s really the fourth most populated nation on the planet, the world’s biggest island nation, and home to more than 18,000 islands. So going to Bali is just a small amount of what Indonesia brings to the table, make a point to look at other the awesome Indonesian goals.


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