Why you should visit Goa this long weekend and enjoy the magical monsoons

Prologue: Goa is magic in monsoons

The long hot summer arrives at an end as the period of June slips by, and the dry Earth chills off with the unremitting deluge which rides in on the Monsoon winds. Rains in Goa is really something that I anticipate. All through the winter we party and have a great time at the shoreline, however by April I’m prepared for the sightseers to clear out. At that point, May moves around, and it’s so hot, you would prefer not to venture outside. You begin to trust storm season comes early. Before the month’s over, the rain at last hits! Despite the fact that it never chills things off as much as you think it will!.

Imagine swaying palms moving to the tune of the winds, curious paths washed by rain waters, foreboding dark layers of thick mists that manage the skies and twirling waters thundering out at the shorelines; there’s something about encountering Goa in monsoons which tops the rundown of things to do in Goa in the long stretches of June to September.


Here are few of encounters that you can enjoy, in case you’re making a beeline for Goa in the downpours.


Invest some energy in yourself; take a long stroll on a shoreline

Vagator Beach

At the point when the skies are shrouded with dim mists, and it begins to pour, go on a long stroll on any of the not really prevalent shorelines of Goa and you’d discover delight! (Not Baga and Calangute; attempt Arambole, Morjim, Vagator, Colva, Sinquerim, Agonda, and Palolem.) The breeze brushing your face, wet sand between your toes, turbulent waves making their own particular melodic notes, and the profound storm could simply calm every one of the nerves and you’d get yourself drenched (in downpours and considerations).

Tip: Swimming is not preferred as the waves can be hazardously huge, and the water can get cloudy. 


Take a short trek to the radiantly deluged Dudhsagar Falls amid the downpours

Dushsagar Falls | BCMTouring

A long way from the shorelines and visitor hotspots, the forested hinterland of the State actually wakes up amid the rainstorm. Furthermore, among the most well-known attractions out of the way are the Dudhsagar Falls. Found 60 kilometres from Panaji on NH4A, the Falls are so named for the white foamy appearance of the water here. Amid the rainstorm, the Falls turns out to be exponentially rankled with water plunging 1017 feet and slamming with an ear-part thunder at first glance. Some portion of Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, the Falls additionally draw in trekkers who come here to move through the testing territory to the leader of the falls.

Tip: Avoid taking a plunge if the waters are too thick.


Visiting the famous Spice Plantation at Ponda

Spice Plantation in Ponda, Goa

If you have been to Goa, then you might have heard about the Spice Plantation in Ponda. The main spices grown here are Cloves, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Ginger and Pepper. Prescribed exceedingly by local people, the Savoi Plantations wake up perfectly amid the rainstorm and this is extraordinary compared to other circumstances to visit them. The Tropical Spice Plantation guided tour will revive your senses and make you feel a piece of nature. Enjoy an uproar of hues in our butterfly garden, as the most recent additions to our as of now magnificent biological system fly around. Take pleasure in seeing more than 75 spices & birds inside the manor. Indulge yourself in catching up with some rare and endangered species. After your visit, appreciate a scrumptious, conventional Goan Saraswat feast served at the Sadafuli Restaurant in the estate. Enjoy Goan indulgences, for example, Stuffed Crabs, Chicken Xacuti, Sol Kadi, Fried Mussels and Prawn and Vegetable Curries. Staying over is additionally accessible on the premises if you wish to remain over.

Tip: Book your tour of spice plantation with the Spontie App.


Parties, Nightlife and Festivals

Source: Global Gallivanting

In the end, what is Goa without its lively gatherings and parties! This is by far the best season for party creatures, as spots like Mambo’s and Tito’s that you generally need to line up perpetually to enter are now free of too many people. Go to the Bar at Park Hotel in Calangute, or appreciate unrecorded music at the relaxed Cavala, on Baga-Calangute Road. In the event that karaoke is what you’re searching for then make a beeline for St. Anthony’s bar on Baga Beach and sing your heart out. Goa is the main state in India where betting is legitimate and there are many drifting gambling clubs where you can attempt your fortunes at the space machines and roulette. You can also indulge in the vibrant and energetic Sao-Joao festivals also known as Fertility fest of St. John the Baptist, it is celebrated between June and July with great energy. The local group of men jumping into village wells to retrieve bottles of local drink (Feni). Fun !! Isn’t it?

Celebrate with local people, keep away from those upscale eateries when you visit Goa in rainstorm

Sao-Joao festival

Give those expensive eateries a miss for once and invest in neighbourhood side of the state, make discussions with the locals and appreciate the crude kinds of Goa. Go for the well known blowouts of São João in June, and Bonderam in August.

Tip: Give back as much as you take; help them with something they may require.


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