Induge in Exhilarating Rush of Knee Boarding
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Calangute / Baga
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If you are familiar with water skiing and wake boarding, then knee boarding will not be totally new for you. Knee boarding is just another twist to the more common water sport of water skiing that uses a piece of board while being pulled by a speed boat. The board used in this thrilling water activity, is called a Knee Board and has a customized slot to place your knees in for better stability. Experience the exhilarating rush of knee boarding while being towed by a speed boat along the crystal blue waters of Goa.


Knee boarding in Goa has been made easier with the help of professionals from Spontie. We offer special classes with our trained professionals. Your safety is of paramount importance to us. Thus, we will provide you with top of the line safety equipment in to ensure you have a pain-free experience. So kneel down, hold that grip tightly and enjoy this electrifying experience.


1) Knee Boarding (Approx 10 Minutes)
2) Trainers
3) Safety equipment's and gears
4) Inclusive of all taxes


1) Meals
2) Transport
3) Certificate

Your Ticket

Your tickets will be emailed to you within 20 minutes of your purchase. You must carry a printed copy of the tickets to the venue along with valid photo ID.

Additional Information

Please carry along swimwear. t-shirts, hat, sun-cream, sunglasses, towel


Calangute / Baga